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If you type “WayUp” in the browser you won’t find anything related to climbing. Yet. But the wind will change soon. At least Anze Peharc, Slovenian climber and the inventor of the WayUp board think so. He has been working on his project for the last three years and now he is in one step to complete his work.

This story started in the middle of 2018 when Anze was learning to code in college. As a student, he got the task – to create the mobile application. As a climber, Anze decided to make something similar to the Moonboard App. He liked the process. His climbing friends told him that it would be nice to develop Moonboard itself and its App. So Anze got the challenge and started to make something more than just an educational task.

Anze got the idea to create his own training system for climbing, similar to Moonboard or Kilterboard, but better. Not only the App, but also the whole thing – the board, the holds, the LED lights system to point the problems on the board, and the software to control all the stuff.

- I have to become an expert in electronics, - said Anze. – I learn a lot online and in college. I have never made the climbing holds before, so I needed to learn a lot of things to do this part of the WayUp project.

The WayUp board naturally became the theme of Anze’s diploma in the college. The system changes a lot since that time, but the name remains the same.

It was hard to study in the university, to be a sport climber, and to work on the WayUp board. So Anze stopped graduating and leave the university after the European Championship in Moscow. He decided to devote all of his time to this project. It seems the decision was right. Anze has already built the prototype of the WayUp board on one of the climbing gyms in Slovenia. Now he is finishing his work on the climbing holds.

- I have several holds to test and I want to set them in the gym where I’m training, - said Anze. – Me and my friends are gonna find out if the shape and the texture of the holds are good enough. Then after the test, I will make about 200 holds for the first WayUp board prototype.

Several climbing gyms in Slovenia are already ready to install the WayUp board. Anze said, that the first generation of the WayUp board will be ready by the end of 2021.

If we are talking about the monetization of the WayUp, it could be made in two different ways. The first one is the board itself. Users will be able to buy the whole system or a part of it (just the holds, for example). The second one is the App which will have some premium functions that won’t be for free. The SKALOLAZ.PRO team wishing well to Anze and his project. Hope we’ll test the WayUp board as soon as possible.

Text: Yury Birilov

Photos by Anze Peharc

Why the WayUp board by Anze Peharc could be better than Moonboard and Kilter board

Wi-Fi instead of Bluetooth

Users will not push each other out trying to connect to the same board simultaneously

12V instead of 5V

Anze used 12V power supply for LED lights to make all LEDs function well when they light simultaneously. In Moonboard there is a problem with color when over 100 LEDs are used.

2 sizes

WayUp board will be available in two sizes: basic (like moon) and PRO (3,5 m x 4,7 m).


LED lights will flash in the holds directly, not below them like in Moonboard. The wooden structure will be gentle to the climber’s skin.


This is another project that Anze Pehars is working on. Climbing volumes with LED lights will be available for the WayUp PRO board.

2 problems on 1 board

Sounds so easy but why we still don’t have it on the existing systems?


Not for free, but you will be able to train online with the coach on the WayUp board. The App by Anze Peharc will be a kind of climbing social network, not only a database of boulder problems.


Anze is working on Ai for the WayUp board. So in the future, you will be able to say: “WayUp, give me 5 good 8a boulders” and the system automatically will choose the perfect problems especially for you.

Endurance training

The WayUp App will have an option to train endurance. It will be some kind of lead climbing simulation on the board.


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