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Russian climber from Saint-Petersburg took second place on Studio Bloc Masters 2020. Sergii Topishko won, the 3rd place took Yannick Flohé. SKALOLAZ.PRO team congratulated Vadim and asked some questions about the competition.

Photo by Tobias Goldzahn

- Vadim, what do you feel about Studio Bloc Masters?

- I think Studio Bloc Masters as well as Adidas Rockstars is one of the best climbing competition in Europe. The boulders were great: top level holds and very good routesetting. And the lineup in the final and the semifinal was like at the World Cup event. It was really cool!

Photo by Tobias Goldzahn

- Was it hard to pass through the qualification and semifinals?

- The qualification was really hard, the real massacre when you climb everything and don't think about saving some skin on your fingers. I topped all problems and passed the qualification from the 1st place. In the semifinals I was the one who topped all four boulders, so I went to the final round on the 1st position as well.

Photo by Tobias Goldzahn

- Tell us about final round.

- Oh, it was hard. The problems seemed easier than it was when we started to climb. It was fighting from the star to the very end, and even after the last boulder we did not know who won for some time.

Photo by Tobias Goldzahn

- Are you pleased at your result?

- Last year I was 3rd here, now I'm 2nd, so yes, I'm satisfied. This start helped to check my climbing form and it seems to me it good. Hope the hole competition season of 2020 will be as successful as its start.


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