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Martin Stranik won Hangar Master bouldering competition, that took place in Brno on Ferburary, 15. We greeted Martin adn asked him to answer some questions.

- Congratulations, Martin! How do you feel now?

- I am very happy about beating Adam, - said Martin to SKALOLAZ.PRO . - That means a lot for me. I don't remzmber when i beated him for last time, i think we where children, by that time he is one of best climbers on the Earth.

- What about final boulders - did you like them?

- I liked problems, First two were easy, third hard volumes, fourth ok with very hard last move. Deciding was third boulder where I chose right beta which worked to me and sent it on my second go. Adam did it fourth go. Some times small thing are crucial and decide about winner.

- Will you come in Moscow next month to take part in European Championship?

- Yes, I am coming to Moscow but I decided to compete just in lead. I realized that I have no chance for Olympics so i concentrate on lead season. And also i am gonna to be father so have to stay with my wife as much as I can.

Photo by Libor Zhoř


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