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SKALOLAZ.PRO proudly presents the interview with the leader of climbing team USA. Natalia Grossman answers the questions about the best season in her career and her future plans.

Photo: Dimitris Tosidis / IFSC

What bouldering world cup event did you like the most this season?

I think my favorite World Cup was Brixen. I really enjoy the atmosphere there and the town itself. I’m always enjoying my time in Italy, walking around the town, going to the shops, competing in the new places.

You won all bouldering events this year after Janja left the circuit. Did you feel the pressure of being the leader?

Yeah, it was a lot of pressure including the pressure that I put on myself too. After I won the first world cup I thought that I want to do this for the rest of the season. When I won another event I felt more pressure, and then it kept going. So for me it was important to have a coach, someone to talk about what I was feeling..\

What can you say about the routesetting in bouldering? Do you think that something have changed since the last season?

Honestly I don’t really think anything has changed too much. When I look back I like all final boulders this year and last year. We have seen a lot of tops so maybe the boulders was a bit too easy. In Meiringen we haven’t seen many tops and the setting there was great. After that the boulders started to become easier maybe. It’s never fun when you have to flash every boulder to win. When you try hard you feel really satisfied after the climb.

Photo: Christian Adam / Black Diamond

What discipline do you like more: lead or bouldering?

It’s a hard question because I like both of them. Maybe now I enjoy bouldering more, but it can switch from time to time.

Can you say a few words about the lead season?

I focused a lot on bouldering this year. So at the start of the lead season it took some time for me to readjust, got some fitness and focused on lead. The last World Cup of the season will be be bouldering and lead event, so it will be nice to boulder again.

You like the competitions, right? But I think it’s hard to compete all the time. How do you avoid the burnout? Maybe you have some hobby?

Normally I bound climbing with school. This summer I had not any summer classes, so I put a lot of time in rock climbing, hanging out with my team, reading. It’s like a step back from sport climbing, and it helps me not to get tired of sport.

Can you say a few words about you educational plans and maybe about your future profession?

Right now I’m having the last class in my bachelor degree Managing psychology in business. My plan was to focus on climbing a little bit for some time, but I’d love to go back to school and get my masters of psychology. I love being able to help people and I think that mental healthiness is very important. So I’m planning to work with people, maybe it will be sport psychology or general psychology, something like this.

Let’s talk about the people who helped you to become a leader of the National team. Who’s your coach?

Right now, my coach is Josh Larsen and he is a US head coach as well. He started coaching me pretty recently, so we are working together for a couple of months maybe. I had another coaches when I was younger, but from 18 till this year I was training by myself.

Photo: Christian Adam / Black Diamond

Do you think you need a coach?

No, I don’t think so, because I trained by myself for so long. But now when I train with a coach it’s good to have someone to push you. Somebody who can say: “Come on, you can do it, just try harder!” It’s also good when the coach tells you what you will do this week, because I ask myself that question all the time when I did not have a coach. I also work with physiotherapist. He helps me to choose and do special workouts.

You are in a perfect form now. Can you share your secret of staying slim with our readers? Do you have a special diet?

I don’t eat meet since 9 years old. But I eat fish.

What is your favorite breakfast?

It’s definitely a toast and yogurt with blueberries.

Text by Yury Birilov, SKALOLAZ.PRO. (c) All rights reserved.

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