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Climbers have a lot of free time now due to coronavirus lockout. Some of them are posting challenges to Instagram, the others are trying to repeat. Anze Peharc is spending his time another way. Slovenian climber is working on his own climbing system WayAp. And the set of wooden holds, designed by Anze in 3d modeling software, is an important part of it. SKALOLAZ.PRO team asked Anze about his project and his fantastically looking holds.

What is WayAp?

It's a smart climbing wall. The system consists of three parts: a mobile application, a backend system, and LED-based lighting. The mobile application allows the user to interact with the system, provides a connection with the backend system and is responsible for the automated creation of a climbing sequence. The backend system is installed in the climbing wall and is based on the microcomputer Raspberry Pi (RPi) and lighting controller. With the support of LED lighting, installed in the climbing holds, the climbing sequence can be visually displayed to the user from the start to the finish. The climbing sequence can be created automatically or determined by the user. This way, the workout session can be completed very effectively with an enjoyable user experience.

How long have you been working on it?

I've been working on it for a bit more than a year. 

Do you have a business partner?

I am currently working on the project by myself but would love to find some new interested partners in the future.

Tell us about your holds.

I am making blueprints and waiting for this thing with quarantine to go away and then I would start making wooden holds with CNC machine. I will be using wood for the material as I want them to be skin-friendly.

How could climbers buy your holds?

I will sell the holds as part of the wall, so some sort of set. Maybe in the near future, I would offer them standalone.

What about your climbing application?

I already developed a prototype of the application and I'm now working on wooden holds and the wall dimensions.

Why did you decide to make WayAp?

Sport climbing is a sport that has been gaining in popularity and the demand for technologically advanced solutions is increasing. Such solutions focus on optimizing the size of the climbing surface and reducing the need for coaching service. In doing so, they often try to automatically create and display more climbing sequences on the wall. Currently, the vast majority of systems do not fully offer all the functionalities. System WayAp focuses on improving the weaknesses of existing systems and upgrading available functionalities.

SKALOLAZ.PRO team wishing Anze well and waiting for the moment, when WayAp will come from a digital universe to real life!


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